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Profit from Google AdSense without owning a website


Profit from Google AdSense without owning a website

How can someone make money with Google AdSense without having a website?What are its most important features? Google AdSense is considered one of the most important services for Google's media programs as well as for website owners, as it allows them the ability to place AdSense ads on their sites through it, and you can also profit from this service without owning a website, which we learn about in this article.

What is Google Adsense

One of the most important advertising systems in Google. It works as a system of publishing advertising content on various sites, as it publishes advertisements that are appropriate to the content published on the site, with the aim of attracting an interested audience. This results in giving those sites a financial reward in exchange for what Google offers them and which readers see through On these sites, it is very similar to television advertisements, but in the form of short videos or pictures. This same system is applied to YouTube channels.

Explaining the steps to profit from Google AdSense without a website

Many young people are currently turning to profit and work through websites and social networking sites in the context of exploiting modern technology and breaking out of the traditional business and job mold. Through the Google AdSense service, you can achieve large profits by using one of the following methods:

1- Blogger blog

If you do not have a website, you can make a profit using the Google AdSense service by having an account through a Blogger blog, according to several steps, which are:

  • Log in to your blog account and then click on the settings icon.
  • Select the “Earnings” tab, and the Monetization Settings page will appear.
  •  Click on “Subscribe to Google AdSense,” taking into account the necessity of linking the blog to your Google AdSense account.
  •  Choose “Ad Settings,” then click “Continue on Blog” to determine where the ads will appear on your blog. You can choose the article itself, or the ad will appear in the sidebar, or both.
  • You can customize ads by clicking on the “More Customize” option in the ad settings.
  • Care should be taken to avoid providing content that is controversial, controversial, or violates the standards set on it, or any content that promotes harm or drug trafficking.

2- YouTube platform

You can also achieve your profits without owning a website through the YouTube platform with a Google AdSense account, according to the following steps:

  • Create your own page on the YouTube platform, then log in through it and click on the “My List” option.
  • Go to “Manage Video Clips,” then click on “Enable” in the Profit box.
  • Review the terms and conditions set by the platform, then agree to them.
  • Link your YouTube page directly to the Google AdSense service, and thus you start making profits through that service.
  • You should keep in mind that you should not post videos that violate the conditional policies or that the required views on each video you post should be lower.

3- Admob system

Admob is one of the profit systems from Google AdSense, and it is an intermediary application between Google and those who own electronic applications for mobile phones. This application allows you to profit by publishing Google ads on your applications, and profit by visitors watching those ads.

4- Social media platforms

Google AdSense is a great way to make money without having a website. You can use it to monetize your website and get more visitors.

Here are some different ways to leverage social media platforms and use Google AdSense to make money:
  1. Sell advertising space on your website or channel.
  2. Use Google AdSense as a complement to other advertising campaigns on your site or channel.
  3.  Target ads at specific demographics.
  4. Promote your content on social media platforms.
  5. Directing traffic to your e-commerce website.
  6. Use AdSense ads to generate leads for your business.

Google AdSense features

 In light of learning how to profit from Google AdSense without a website, we learn about the features of its service that prompt many people to activate it in order to profit from it, and among the most important of these features are the following:

  • Get a financial profit margin from every click made through your account.
  •  Google AdSense services are regulated by Google, so the service is considered 100% reliable.
  • Google AdSense is considered the intermediary between the advertiser and the owner of the platform through which he displays his advertisement.
  • The Google AdSense service can be obtained for free for publishers and advertisers, and thus it is possible to profit from it without the need to own a website.
  • Ease of using its tools and activating or stopping it.
  • If the owner of the window owns a YouTube channel or a page on a social media platform, he will receive 68% of the revenues, with Google receiving 32% of the profit revenues.
Many page owners on social media sites wonder how to profit from Google AdSense without owning a website, because it enjoys the trust of all customers, ease of use, and a large profit margin for the account holder.

Frequently asked questions about Google AdSense

Would you like to know more about earning money from AdSense ads? Here are some answers that will benefit you:

How do you earn from AdSense without a website?

We have asked many answers to this question, and the best way is to share profits on websites.

How do I get money from Google ads?

You must subscribe to AdSense or Admob, which is an intermediary site that publishes Google ads for you in exchange for the profits you will receive.

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, participation in AdSense is free. Better yet, Google will pay you for the clicks or impressions of the Google ads that you will display on your website or YouTube channel.

How to earn from AdSense?

It depends on the type of content you provide as well as the target audience in which country? In any language it is written or delivered.

In the previous lines, we talked about profiting from Google AdSense without website and what are the most important tricks for profit from the Internet that make you earn dollars in your hands without effort. You must follow the steps mentioned and you will see the amazing result.