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Profiting from Google AdSense for beginners: a comprehensive guide

Profiting from Google AdSense for beginners, an article that highlights the method that bloggers love most, due to its simplicity and, of course, its profits.

But the problem at hand is that profiting from AdSense is not as easy as some people imagine. Rather, it requires conditions and Things that are necessary for you to know, otherwise your profits in the end will be a pittance of cents.

Profiting from Google AdSense for beginners: a comprehensive guide

Follow this comprehensive guide, and discover how to profit from AdSense.

What is Google AdSense and how do you profit from it?

Google AdSense - Simply put, it is an advertising program from the giant company Google, based on displaying ads to website owners according to specific conditions, and the owner of the website, who is called a publisher, is given his share of the advertisers’ profits.

Explaining profit from Google AdSense for beginners

For example, I am an advertiser who wants to make my company famous, sell a product, or bring customers to my website for some purpose. Google offers me a special platform for advertisers called Google Ads.

Through this platform and relying on the data provided to me by Google: keywords - countries - ages - gender - devices - interests... I target them with an advertisement that appears with publishers, that is, website or blog owners.

By determining the advertiser’s budget and advertising objectives, and according to Google AdSense’s own standards, you will get your share of the price per click (CPC) if the visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your website.

Ways to profit from Google AdSense for beginners

The ways to profit from Google AdSense, for beginners and professionals as well, are limited to two very famous methods, which are:

1 – Profit from Google AdSense for beginners by creating a blog

Profiting from blogging is a very enjoyable method, given the quality of the visitors coming from the Google search engine, and because blogs are like a private home for their owner who controls them however he wants, and he can earn through the visitors coming to him in more than one way.

2 – Profit from Google AdSense for beginners via YouTube

This is the most widespread method, and it is witnessing very huge crowding and demand. This is because the YouTube platform allows you to open many free channels, and you are not obligated to buy hosting, a domain, or write content. Rather, all you have to do is choose a field that people interact with strongly so that you can benefit from it. Their views.

It is true that you can create a blog for free on Blogger, but personally I find I prefer to build my own website on my own hosting, so I can manage it however I want, rather than wake up one day and my blog has been deleted without warning.

How to make the most money using Google AdSense

If you asked me about my personal opinion, and said to me: Do you prefer to display Google AdSense ads on a YouTube channel or on a blog, then personally I would choose the blog.

Why blog?

1. Google's beginnings were with the search engine. It has always been and continues to be repeated: “Content is king.” Based on that, the person who bothers to search for a specific topic in the Google search engine is undoubtedly interested. Therefore, its quality and value are very high to the advertiser.

2. A blog with a focus on a certain subject encourages visitors to stay on your website longer, particularly if the posts are well-written and interconnected. They will surely draw the most costly marketers to you if you run Google AdSense advertising on them.

Here we return to the first point, and assume that you have created a blog specialized in (teaching how to play the guitar) and all the types, skills, and supplies related to it.

The visitor who wrote in the search engine “How do I learn to play the guitar” is undoubtedly interested in the field of your blog, and therefore if he reads your articles and finds targeted ads specifically in the field of guitar, he will undoubtedly interact with them and click on them, and you will receive a very good price per click.

3 - The YouTube platform is very good, and I am not saying that it is not profitable, but it is basically an entertainment platform that people enter looking for entertainment or educational videos, and therefore they may be very annoyed by the large number of ads that interrupt their viewing pleasure, so many resort to blocking them through special applications.

4 - I have previously tried Google AdSense ads on videos, and frankly, I found that the advertising profits on the blog are greater.

5 - Keep in mind that I'm summarizing my own experience here, and I'm not forcing you to accept it as gospel.

If you find yourself satisfied with making a profit from Google AdSense ads by displaying them on your website, I am happy for you to follow up with me on the continuation of the topic, because I will focus on this point, and you will find your comprehensive guide.

Steps to profit from Google AdSense for beginners

We agreed that the method of profit from Google AdSense ads is to create a content website or blog, and we will show below the correct steps for that:

1 - Choose the site domain

Before taking any step to create your own blog, it is necessary to choose a specific market or field, and it is always preferable to have it specialized because Google loves specialization.

A blog that talks about Taekwondo and everything related to it is much better than a website that talks about all martial arts (karate, boxing, aikido, wrestling...)...

Choosing a blog field requires you to take sufficient time to think and research in-depth about it, and it is preferable that you understand the field in which you will Compose, or at least make an effort to read it.

You can write, for example, in the field of “controlling harmful insects” assuming that you do not have any experience in it, but through your continuous research in this field, reading books and topics about it, as well as watching films and videos about it, you will have a background and cultural wealth that qualifies you to be creative and distinguished in it.

Among the conditions for choosing the field of your blog based on the Google AdSense method:

  • He must be a specialist, as we previously explained.
  •   That there is an interested audience (in acceptable numbers) searching for content related to the field of your blog.
  •   That there are advertisers who pay for words related to the field of your blog.
  •   You must be passionate and passionate about the field of your blog so that you can continue in it.
  •   Your blog field must be active throughout the year and not only related to specific, special months.
For example, there are blogs that specialize in everything related to the Corona virus, taking advantage of the conditions the world is experiencing. But there may be a very sharp stagnation in search rates, and may even reach nonexistence when this crisis passes, and people’s attention will then be directed to other, more important things.

2- Choose the domain name for your site

You will next select the domain name for your website after deciding on its domain. For example, I chose the name for my site “zaginfotech,” so its domain was:

3- Buy premium hosting

After we have chosen the domain and name of the site, there must be a place on which to build the foundation of the site, including pages, content, sections, images, and videos...and this is called “hosting.” There are many companies that provide distinctive services for hosting websites.

Of course, many of you will prefer to rely on Blogger for free, but as I told you before: I prefer to build my sites on my own hosting and manage my sites as I want, and if you ask me why, I will answer you with the following:

1 - Owning your own hosting means that you choose the platform for building websites that you prefer, and one of the most famous of all is the WordPress platform, which offers very wonderful features, as it offers:
  • Thousands of distinctive templates that give your blog a distinctive look that is responsive to all devices.
  • A large group of add-ons that are concerned with protecting your site, speeding it up, and helping you with its appearance and ranking in search engines.
  • It allows you to open a professional online store.
  • It provides you with specialized add-ons to display Google AdSense ads in the places you want.
  • Many, many content makers and senior marketers use this platform.

2 - Creating your website on a private hosting allows you to transfer it at any time to another hosting without affecting its ranking in search engines. You can also take a backup copy of your website files at any time you want.

4- Building website content

At this stage, you will write topics and articles related to the field of your site, subject to quality standards and an attractive and precise style.

Writing articles in any language does not follow a random method or your instinct as a writer, but rather is based on standards of research and deep analysis of keywords.

5- Bring traffic to your blog

After we have built an integrated website with specialized and valuable content, the most important step remains, which will make a difference in profit, which is bringing traffic (visits) to our website, because without them you will not earn anything.

Speaking of the source of traffic to profit from Google AdSense, the most appropriate and most profitable thing for this method is to rely freely on visitors to the Google search engine, by writing articles according to certain conditions to appear on the first pages of the search engine, which is known as SEO.

Terms of subscription and registration in Google AdSense

We find many people complaining that their blogs are not accepted even though they have met all the conditions that might come to mind.

However, you must commit to submitting your site according to specific conditions in order to increase your chances of obtaining approval. I will summarize these conditions for you in simple and brief points:

  • Provide a specialized blog with a fast and beautiful domain and template, and valuable content, preferably on private hosting with a paid domain.
  •   Your blog must contain important pages (Privacy Policy page - Terms of Use page - Contact Us page - About Us page).
  •  Make sure that the interface of your site and its sections are organized, so that if a visitor or supervisor enters a request to accept your site, he will easily understand what he is talking about and therefore will not feel any confusion or annoyance.

How to withdraw profits from Google AdSense

When your profits reach the minimum payment threshold, your payments will be issued on the 21st of each month. For example, if you made a total of $100 in profits in January, you will receive them on February 21 or 22 if the payment method is Western Union. The payment may be delayed a little if you send it via Bank transfer, which is available in most countries, unlike Western Union.

Profiting from Google AdSense: Questions and Answers

Is Google AdSense profitable?

Google AdSense is very profitable if you master learning to target words, publish content and market it.

What are the easiest ways to profit from Google AdSense?

The easiest way for me is to create a blog in a specialized niche, targeting long-term and profitable keywords.

What are the ways to profit from Google AdSense?

You can profit through a blog in which you display articles targeting profitable keywords, or you can profit by displaying advertisements on your YouTube channel, and you can also display advertisements on smart phone applications.

Which is better for earning money from AdSense: Blogger or WordPress?

Whether you use Blogger or WordPress, you can publish content in both of them and display AdSense ads in the content, but WordPress is better in terms of great capabilities and custom additions, not to mention your complete control over your site, and moving it whenever you want to another host.

How do I fulfill Google AdSense conditions related to content?

In short, create a blog with valuable content that really benefits the visitor and answers his questions, and do not forget to include the important pages of your site (Privacy Policy - Contact Us - Terms of Use), and make your site responsive and with an attractive design, and then acceptance of your site will only be a matter of time.

How do you know if your site has been accepted in Google AdSense?

Once you are accepted into the Google AdSense program, you will be notified via a private message, and your site will appear activated in the control panel of your AdSense account, and you can then create advertising units and display them on your site.

Is Google AdSense a profitable field at all?

Profiting from the Internet is not limited to the AdSense method only, but there are many profitable fields that require special skills, such as affiliate marketing, building an online store and marketing your own products, or relying on a special skill that you master.

There is no doubt that you have read many articles about making a profit from Google AdSense ads, and watched similar videos, but I am sure that there are very few that satisfy your desire for knowledge and help you start this method in a proven, correct, scientific way.

Since it is impossible to detail the AdSense method in one article, I offer you to read the rest of the articles published on the site.