How To Fix Android smart tv stuck on logo boot loop

How to fix your Android Smart TV stuck in the boot logo Fix the Smart TV boot logo by updating the firmware using a USB drive

Tiger LED TV 43AT600S dump

CV358H-T42-1920x1080-TV43 Tiger led android tv  Firmware

tiger 43at600s stuck at login and restart  easy way to fix

 This dump file also works for krohler smart android  tv, laxas android tv , akai ctv43 cv358h-t42

How to update KROHLER android tv cv358H-T42 & Tiger 43at600s & Laxas LED and Revulution galaxy and all CV358H-T42 Resolution 1920/1080 TV main board

How to update your Android Smart TV

  1.  Download and extract the file into your computer
  2.  Copy the CtvUpgrade file to your USB drive
  3. Insert the USB into the TV 
  4.  Press the power button intermittentl 

The TV will be updated. We are waiting for the TV to turn on and display factory reset

If it's a gamma (color) problem, you can solve it in the Service Mode menu

To enter the service menu code, press: menu + 1147

Watch the method in this video

Download CV358H-T42 1920 * 1080 for 43 inch TV

Free Download Cv358H-T42 Firmware for TV 43 Inch 1920 x 1080 Resolution

(File Size :(360 MB

Cv358H-T42 Firmware



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