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Echolink zen 5 last firmware (flash) +Channel file


Echolink zen 5 last firmware (flash) +Channel file

Download Echolink zen 5 last firmware (flash)+Channel file 

After the success achieved by the Echolink series of devices, a new device was launched under the name Echolink zen 5

During these lines, dear reader, we will highlight for you the most important technical specifications of the new Echolink zen 5 receiver, the company Echolink, the leader in the field of receivers, smart TV screens, and Android boxes. EchoLink Smart TV. And many high-quality electronic devices, in addition to continuous support and periodic updates for its devices.

Technical features of Echolink Echolink zen 5:

  •   12 Months FOREVER SE
  • 12 Months Apollo Full
  • 12 Months IP2SAT
  • 12 Months Mitv + MiVod+ MiSeries
  • 3 Months DimaLive / DimaVod / DimaSeries
  • 3 Months Zen iptv / ZenVod / ZenSeries
  • Double 2 Remotes contrôle 
  • WIFI key
  • H265 support 
  • Multistream tnt France Channel 
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • IP2SAT good sport on nilesat
  •   3G-4G connectivity supported 
  • Master Code: 9876 if you forget it
DOWNLOAD ECHOLINK zen 5 flash file

DOWNLOAD ECHOLINK zen 5 channel file