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Check out this next feature in Windows Explorer

Check out this next feature in Windows Explorer

Check out this next feature in Windows Explorer

During its big annual Build conference, Microsoft announced a plethora of new features. But beyond ARM computers and AI features, more discreet features will also arrive on Windows 11.

If you feel a little excluded by all the new features presented by Microsoft in recent days, and your PC is not able to take advantage of the latest features of Windows 11 boosted with AI, know that Microsoft has not completely forgotten you and still announced some new features for the “classic” version of Windows 11.

Git within File Explorer

Among them, we find in particular one that should please developers of all stripes: the native integration of Git within the Windows file explorer. For those who don't know, Git is free software intended to facilitate software development by allowing several people to interact with the same code base, see the changes made by each person and pin comments. potential bugs. It is the basis of the famous GitHub site, purchased a few years ago by Microsoft.

With this acquisition, Microsoft has therefore decided to integrate this code tracking system directly into its file explorer. Access to the different database folder will be completely transparent (like with Dropbox or OneDrive synchronization) and it will be possible to see the date of the last commits (changes made to the code) as well as the messages that accompany. Enough to make life easier for those who put their hands in code all day long.

Native 7-zip integration

But that's not all ! Microsoft also announced the arrival of new compression options in File Explorer. It will soon be possible to create 7-zip and TAR archives natively on Windows 11. Goodbye to simple. zip which was seriously starting to show its age and its limits. With a right click it will now be possible to compress files more efficiently (and with AES-256 encryption offered by the 7z standard).

An update to the File Explorer last year already made it possible to navigate within archives other than. zip, it will now be possible to create it without the help of any third-party software. Unfortunately, no official deployment date has been announced for these new features, but it should not take too long to arrive if Microsoft has authorized itself to communicate on it.