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Affiliate Marketing : Everything you need to know to get started

Affiliate Marketing : Everything you need to know to get started

Affiliate marketing is a way for many people to increase profits from the Internet today, without the need to devote time! That is, you can increase your income without much effort, and without the need to invest in buying and selling products! What is affiliate marketing? How did it start? How to start affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a frequently used term today! It is a type of marketing that allows you to earn a commission on every sale made through you after you promote products that you do not sell. Affiliate is one of the most important and common methods of income from the Internet! You can get income from affiliate marketing without the need for a physical presence on the ground or investment in purchasing and storing products.

One of the most popular affiliate methods is the transfer link, The owner of the store you will be promoting gives you a trackable link to a product and places it on your blog or YouTube channel, Therefore, it takes a commission on every sale made when customers enter through this link.

Affiliate marketing is done in three simple steps as follows:

  1. Your experience with the product or service that you find suitable for your audience.
  2. Promote this product or service and get people to take action with your link or coupon.
  3. Earn commission for every purchase made by you.
However, you should not take it easy; Because affiliate marketing requires a strategy and many steps, which we mentioned in detail in this article. Read on to find out.

When did affiliate marketing start?

The story of affiliate marketing began in 1989! This is due to the realization of the American businessman William J. Tobin, founder of PC Flowers & Gifts! Through a program called Prodigy, it has become the first affiliate marketing program in history! Over time, small initiatives and companies emerged to achieve the same concept.

Then it moved to e-commerce, where merchants saw affiliate marketing as a huge opportunity on the Internet! Because it brings together people from all over the world and thus there is the possibility of creating a global business partnership for millions of products.

In July 1996, the world of affiliate marketing took a qualitative shift and was revolutionized with the rise of Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon! After launching Amazon's affiliate marketing program to promote its products, and linking product pages to marketers so that they can receive a commission from every book sold on Amazon by the marketer.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

There is no doubt about the benefits and advantages of affiliate marketing, because it has become required in any marketing strategy for large and even small companies. Therefore, let us learn together why affiliate marketing is important to you:

1. Saves your time and money

As we previously explained, affiliate marketing is a type of easy income that does not require you to invest a lot of time or money to get started! Finding, storing, packaging, and shipping products is not your business or your responsibility. Your responsibility is only marketing.

2. Selling in distant places

Have you ever thought about benefiting from sales in places other than your country? Affiliate marketing allows you to do this by reaching the largest number of users, and by reaching them and marketing to them through various platforms and tools, you can increase your commission rates in places outside the country you are in.

3. Earn more

In affiliate marketing, you also benefit from blogging for your clients and creating a base based on trust and confidence between you and your clients. In addition to the commission, at the same time the site gets an increase in its sales and provides an opportunity to reduce inventory.

4. Freedom of choice

Only you decide which products or services to promote! So the choice is yours alone among the multiple options, and according to the audience you like to deal with, this will be your choice.

5. Easy and fast

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to learn and quick to get profit from! Your profit begins as soon as you start providing the required information about the product to customers and explaining to them its value and features that may prompt them to need it and buy it.

6. The dealer may help you

Sometimes you will not bother with its content and design. The merchant or product owner may send you what you want and need in terms of promotional tools for the product, whether they are pictures, advertising banners, links, emails, or others.

7. An unlimited number of products

There are an infinite number of products from which you can earn profits with very high commissions ranging from 20% to 70% of the product price.

8. You don't need customer support

In affiliate marketing, you do not have to support customers in one way or another, despite the importance of knowing everything about the product, but support and customer care depend primarily on the company that sells the product.

9. Growth without risk

Affiliate marketing allows you to take a commission, and the commission may be really large, even reaching 70 percent of the product price. All this without taking any risks as an affiliate marketer or even as a company or online store.

Affiliate marketing principles

Before we begin to explain how affiliate marketing works successfully, let us first learn about the principles that control any strategy you undertake while working in affiliate marketing:

1- Adapt products to your audience

It is very important that you recommend products that suit your audience. If you already have a website, store, or blog that displays your affiliate marketing products, and if these products are specialized, then it is not useful, for example, to offer your audience products for nutrition and war games at the same time. Rather, try to specialize even Don't lose your readers.

2- Credibility

As a marketer who works in affiliate marketing, you must only recommend products that you have tried so that you do not lose your audience, and you must be honest in the information you provide regarding these products. The product may be good, but the packaging or shipping may be bad, and other different situations that your audience may encounter.

Give your audience more than one option for one product, so that each one chooses what suits him, because your audience will not be able to buy a product. However, if you provide more than one model for that one product, you may increase the number of purchasing audiences.

But under any circumstances, try not to promote a product that you know nothing about, because this will not add value to your audience or help them in anything. Rather, it would be tantamount to cheating them if you recommend a product that you yourself do not know how good it is for them. Reputation in affiliate marketing is the most valuable thing you have. Exposing it to danger will cost you a lot.

3- Your own experience

Since you have tried the product according to the principle of credibility that we agreed upon, you will need to highlight this. Sales increase in affiliate marketing once you tell people that you have tried the product yourself.

Because recommending the product will be worthless if you do not try it yourself, as you will not then know the value of the deal and whether it is good or bad for the customer. Therefore, the best thing you offer to customers in affiliate marketing to convince them of a product is your personal opinion about the product after trying it, either through video, pictures, or blogging.

Never be afraid of complete clarity in the product description, because with clarity you tell the person whether the product is able to help him or not, in addition to that he will consider you a source of trust in the long run, and he will believe you when you offer him a bigger and better product with a higher profit commission.

4- Not everything that glitters is gold

Don't over-market products with animated banners and intrusive pop-ups on your site that annoy customers! Rather, rely on including the link between the texts of your blog, as including links is one of the most attractive and effective methods of affiliate marketing ever, and the results of converting people to links will be transformed if you do it in an excellent way! But be careful not to include links excessively, as including them more than once in a provocative manner may annoy readers and lead to adverse results.

5- Take your time

In affiliate marketing, you can stay for weeks in the beginning before you receive your first client. Do not despair and use this time to provide content to your clients and present your offer to them. Use automated response methods to your clients so that you can communicate with them faster at any time without the need to wait and worry.

How to start and succeed in affiliate marketing?

1- Choose the appropriate market

If you have not launched your affiliate marketing project yet, the first thing you have to do is choose the market in which you want to specialize. Do not try to mix products so as not to lose your audience, but specialize. In any case, these four guidelines will make you reach the market you want to operate. In which affiliate marketing:

Products you love

Selling through affiliate marketing does not come overnight. Rather, it may require taking steps related to your marketing and content marketing strategy, as you may need to photograph reviews, write blogs, conduct interviews, respond to comments, and other efforts that require you to choose a product that you love and are passionate about so that you do not lose your passion. Midway.

Products that solve problems

Any market is nothing more than a place with a group of people who have needs and others who fulfill their common needs. Therefore, if people find a problem, you have to give them the solution they need, which is the pain point that people need to heal quickly, and healing here will be by purchasing the product.

People's needs and problems are the key to the first sale, and you should never sell a product that you do not know will add value or solve a problem for your audience, otherwise you will be walking over your reputation with an eraser.

Products that have a large market

The larger the size of the market, the greater the selling options, but this may increase the factor of fierce competition and therefore it is better to divide the market and know the volume of people’s searches and the demand for the product, and the Google Ads tool and the Google Keyword Planner will benefit you in this.

Smart products

Products that are newly invented may not find a customer for them, unless you can invest well in informing people about this smart product and the ease that will be made in their lives if they buy it.

2-  Choose the product

Now that you have decided which products market you will work in, it is time for you to know which products you will sell, and what many affiliate marketing sellers do is choose the products that have the largest commission. It is true that this is very tempting, but it is not the best, as what you have to choose is the product that is most useful to the buyer. The most popular and needed ones, and these points will help you easily choose the products:

Expensive or cheap products?

When talking about collecting profits from affiliate marketing, you will have two strategies for choosing products:

  • Low priced products that sell a lot.
  • Products with high price and limited sale.
You know better than us which is best for you, but we recommend the second option, for a need related to numbers. Imagine, for example, that you sell a product worth 200 euros with a 50% commission for each sale. With each sale, you will have 100 euros, while for a product worth 10 euros and with the same level of commission, you will achieve the same. The visit and sale process will deduct only 5 euros for each sale then, and therefore you need 20 people to buy the product to achieve the same amount in the above-mentioned high product.

Most requested products

You can conduct extensive research and comprehensive analyzes of the most searched and in-demand products through Google trends or through the keyword planner to know which paths you should take.

Products to write about

Attracting customers to your affiliate network depends largely on the content factor, so while choosing products, try to choose the product that you can provide extensive and extensive content about.

3- Which affiliate companies will you cooperate with?

Affiliate with Wilt

The affiliate program from Welt is one of the most powerful programs that you can generate income from, due to the need of companies and projects for a digital presence now, and the more you help a project or company owner and encourage them to design their website or store with Welt, the more income you will achieve from your place.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon

Amazon is one of the most powerful international trade stores today, and one of the most famous affiliate marketing platforms in the world. To begin, we advise you to first research to find out which products are best-selling before you start selling through affiliate marketing on Amazon.

Affiliate marketing with Clickbank

ClickBank is one of the largest and most famous affiliate marketing platforms in the world, from which you can choose to market different products. ClickBank gives you the ability to know the number of affiliate marketing companies or individuals who have sold the product you specify in the past three months. This is very important for you, in knowing the best-selling products and their level. Competition for these products.

Affiliate marketing with Commission Junction Affiliate

Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate marketing companies in the world and the biggest competitor to Click Bank. The platform has gained wide global trust with its long experience and fulfillment of its obligations towards companies and affiliate marketers, In addition to the many products that the platform provides you.

To increase your income, you can work freely and flexibly with Commission Junction, and the more experience you have in promoting the product, the greater your income from the platform.

Affiliate marketing with eBay Affiliate

Affiliate marketing on eBay is the strongest and largest competitor to Amazon Affiliate because of its global fame and the availability of millions of products that you can sell through it.

4- Affiliate marketing strategies

Thinking about selling the product in affiliate marketing may take a lot of thinking and worry from you, so do not worry and start working on these different platforms to succeed in selling. The first thing you will need to do on any of these platforms is to build your brand and build foundations of trust between you and the customers you are marketing. for them. 

Your first successful start may be building your personal website. The importance of the website lies in the fact that it has proven effective in increasing sales rates when converting from it. Below are some options for promoting a product when affiliate marketing:

Create a blog Creating 

a blog is an indispensable foundation for you when working in affiliate marketing, because you serve your readers with content and help your customers find you in search engines as soon as they search for what they need, which generates heavy traffic on the site that qualifies you to increase sales through you without a maximum limit.

 Use social media sites 

Today, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have become great platforms for selling, introducing and promoting your products by publishing links and creating attractive content that displays the value of the product to customers. 

YouTube channel 

Using YouTube is a good way for you to do affiliate marketing. It is also excellent as a reference for those looking for specific products, such as electronics or furniture, and it is an effective strategy in promoting products as an affiliate marketer.

Email marketing 

You may have heard a lot about email marketing, and you may have wondered about its effectiveness. Email marketing is effective and suitable for affiliate marketing, in addition to being very economical compared to the return on profit achieved from it.

 To promote products through email marketing, all you have to do is create organized and segmented mailing lists according to a specific strategy that ensures that it has an impact on your audience of customers and brings them benefits.

 Use paid advertising 

You should not pay for advertisements unless you have a plan. However, paid advertisements may be an excellent option for you if you do them according to a specific marketing plan and strategy based on carefully targeting your customers according to their need for the product.