Amazon Affiliate Program: The comprehensive guide to making money from Amazon


Marketing via the affiliate system is considered one of the most popular ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a system that does not only exist on the Internet, but you can find it in your daily life. For example, “a broker who works in real estate, his mission is to bring people to buy or rent a specific apartment for a price.” A specific matter is agreed upon with the apartment owner.”

Amazon Affiliate Program: The comprehensive guide to making money from Amazon

 But after the advent of the Internet, this system also appeared in the virtual world and became called affiliate marketing, and there are many platforms that you can use in order to start marketing their products.

But today we will talk about the affiliate system with the Amazon store “Amazon Associates, and why it is considered the best platform to work with as an affiliate.

Amazon is considered one of the largest stores in the world, as the price of one share of this company has reached $1,161. We do not want to delve into the details of this store because we will not finish this. Our topic for today is why you should work with Amazon if you want to work as an affiliate, and what are the conditions that you must adhere to to avoid closing your account, as well as the methods that you can use in order to make profits that exceed $1000 per month through Amazon affiliate marketing.

Why Amazon Associate Affiliate Marketing?

At the time of writing, the Amazon Affiliate system is used on 1% of all sites (a large number). This represents a total market share of 5% of all sites that monetize through ad or affiliate networks, second only to Google (16% of websites and 85% market share).

One of the most important features of the Amazon store is its conversion rate. According to statistics, the conversion rate in this store has reached 74%, and this is a record number that you will not find in any store in the world.

  Also, the Amazon Affiliate program allows you to take a commission on any purchase made by the person you brought during the entire day; For example: “I brought a customer from my site to Amazon in order to buy a phone, but the customer I brought bought the phone as well as a computer, and therefore I will receive from Amazon the commission for both products.”

The Amazon Brand store is considered a global brand, so the customer will buy from it with ease without fear of being scammed.

 how does amazon associate program work?

The Amazon Affiliate program works like all other systems. It gives you a referral link to the product you want to market, and you get a commission for everyone who completes the purchase process. In summary,

How do I promote my Amazon referral link?

You should know that promoting your referral links is easier than you think. You just have to target the appropriate audience. You can start promoting Amazon products through social media “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...”

  You can also see that the majority of famous YouTubers who review products eventually tell you that if you like this product, you can order it via the link below this video, which leads you directly to the Amazon store. Imagine with me the amount of traffic that comes to these videos and you will know exactly the size of the profits.

All of these are legitimate ways to earn good profits based on the affiliate marketing system on Amazon, but the common method is by bringing traffic to your site and converting it to Amazon. In this article, I will share with you some methods that you can apply to your niche, as they always work.

Why would Amazon close your account?

To avoid closing your Amazon Affiliate account, you must follow some conditions, which we mention as follows:

To avoid closing your Amazon Affiliate account, you must follow some conditions, which we mention as follows:

  1. You must first wait for your site to be accepted before you start bringing traffic. Amazon will not count your profits.
  2.  You do not have the right to use Amazon images on your site. If you want to use product images, it must be through the “Api” provided to you, which is an image with the price of the product underneath, and when clicking on the image, the customer goes directly to the Amazon store.
  3. You do not have the right to bring traffic from your mailing list directly to the Amazon store (however! You can bring traffic to your site and then transfer it to Amazon, so your site will be a “Landing Page”).
  4. You do not have the right to place a sponsored advertisement on a specific platform in order to bring traffic directly to Amazon (but you can use these platforms to bring people to your site and then transfer them to Amazon).
  5. You do not have the right to mention the price of the product because the price of the product is always changing in the Amazon store, so you must follow Amazon’s instructions in order to maintain your account.

Avoid what was mentioned above to avoid closing your Amazon account, but in return you have the right to place your referral links on social media sites.

How do I make a profit from Amazon Affiliate through my website?

In fact, there are many ways to improve your site in order to increase its conversion rate, but I will share only two examples so as not to make you too long. This guide will consist of two examples:

  1. The first example is for people who will rely on free traffic coming from search engines or social sites.
  2. The second example is for people who will rely on their site as a “Landing Page” in order to transfer paid traffic directly to the Amazon store. Therefore, the look or feel of the site in the first example cannot resemble the second example, and you will understand why shortly.

First example: My site will depend on free traffic

In fact, there are two options in the field of business: either invest your money or invest your time. There is no third option. If you are a beginner, investing your time in learning and experimenting is your best option in order to avoid frustration and losing huge amounts of money. Therefore, if you are, you will belong to the first example, that is, the people who... They will rely on free traffic. The first thing you must master is SEO (optimizing your site for search engines) so that it appears in the first results in “Google, Bing, Yahoo...” and thus you get free, targeted traffic for your keyword that you are targeting. Let’s say, for example, I am targeting the word "iPhone"

Your site must Adhere to a distinctive and easy design in order to ensure that the potential customer will not be lost without going to the Amazon store. Also, do not forget to create an “Anchor text” for your keyword, for example “iPhone

If you do not have experience in the field of writing, then do not write yourself and assign this matter to those with experience. You can find these people on many platforms specialized in this field (FreeLancer), In this strategy, you will also need strong and fast hosting so that you do not lose your customer.

Example 2: I have money but not much time

Now this method is for people who passed the first stage and made good profits. Now they have a lot of money but want results as quickly as possible. So, we will use our website only as a “Landing Page” as its purpose is to bring traffic from Facebook Ads and transfer them to Amazon with your affiliate link. (Do not forget that you do not have the right to bring traffic from Facebook Ads directly to Amazon, and your account will be closed).

So in this case, what should my website look like?

You must know, dear reader, that when a person enters your site from Facebook Ads, he is 100% interested in purchasing the product, and in order not to lose him, we will create an attractive way to make him continue his way to the Amazon store.

First, you will use an attractive video in order to buy the product (this is your job) and you will create an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads that consists of payment for every click (CPC). It is also not possible to add a “Buy Now” button to ensure that you will not pay to people interested in your product. .

Do not forget to mention all the advantages of your product along with some worthless negatives so that the customer thinks that you care about him and thus he goes to Amazon and completes the purchase process and perhaps buys other products within 24 hours and thus you will earn your commission for all the purchases he makes.

How do I get referral links for Amazon products?

The method of obtaining links is very easy. After you are accepted into Amazon Affiliate, you will enter the name of your product that you want to promote in the Amazon search engine.

You can click on the second option “Shorten Url” in order to get the shortened link like this: Now start the journey of promoting the product. In order to shorten time, you can use the Amazon add-on called Publisher Studio. You can download it from Amazon, and this add-on supports... Platform: Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook. It is easy to use.

Tips to increase profits

The important thing is that in this paragraph, I will give you some tips in order to double your profits.

As everyone knows, all purchases that are made on the Internet are made by smartphone users. Therefore, Amazon has developed a software code that you place in your Blogger or WordPress blog that allows you to show an advertisement at the bottom of the phone for the product that the buyer is reading about, and through this addition that shows the product that The potential customer reads about it along with its price on Amazon, and as everyone knows, Amazon is a trusted brand for everyone. Therefore, the customer will go directly to the Amazon store, and you get your commission and raise the conversion rate on your site. How much will you raise your profits by 30%.

The last advice is to target high-priced products so that your profits will be high. Do not forget that there is an audience for your product that you see in this world. The same effort that you will make in selling a product that costs $30 is the same effort that you will make in selling a product that costs $300.

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