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Solution to the problem of forgetting the password hikvision dvr


Solution to the problem of forgetting the password hikvision dvr password Reset

Many of us are exposed to the problem of forgetting the secret code or password for our DVR, which prevents us from entering the DVR system settings and is unable to view surveillance camera recordings, so the DVR requests the username and password that was created for the first time. You must re-change the password to do this, you must reset or factory reset the DVR to remove and erase the old password and install a new password for the DVR Record System.

How to program the DVR factory reset

The factory programming method varies from one dvr device to another. The method of deleting the password for the dahua dvr device differs from the method of deleting the password for the dvr hikvision DS-7204HGHI-M1, but here we will explain all the effective and proven methods to recover the password for the H265 DVR hikvision surveillance camera recording device. .

  • Factory reset hikvision dvr 

 To return the DVR device to the default settings, which is to return the DVR to the factory settings of the Hikvision DVR using the Reset button located inside the device.

Most Hikvision DVR NVR surveillance camera recording devices have a factory programming button. DVR Hikvision Password Reset

All that needs to be done is to open the device and press the reset button, then connect the device to the power supply while continuing to press the button for 10 seconds. We disconnect the power and connect it again. We find that the Hikvision DVR has returned to the factory settings and the start screen for the initial settings appears from which we can choose a new password. Hikvision dvr surveillance camera device

  • Perform a reset for Hikvision surveillance cameras that do not have a reset  button

Sometimes, in some DVR devices, we do not find the push button, so I search for a jumper or two dots in place of the button. We connect them to any electrically connected device and turn on the DVR for 10 seconds, then we restart the Hikvision DVR surveillance camera recording device.

The reset process returns the DVR system to factory mode while preserving the recordings.

  • Factory failed or factory programming of the hikvision dvr surveillance camera device by programming the flash drive with a dump file.

When you forgot the password for the Hikvision   dvr surveillance camera recording device  and all of the above did not work for you, the final solution that is 100% successful is to reprogram the dvr's memory chip to a working software or dump file that is free of any defects.

Therefore, our website offers you the best proven and financial dump files and software without any problems. You can download them for free, unlike some other sites that require paying some money, or registering in complex and difficult ways.

Download hikvision DS-7204HGHI-M1 dump bin file

Main 80388-prev1.3 dump good file

File size 16M


A very important note: The process of returning the DVR surveillance camera recording device to its factory settings has nothing to do with the recordings. The recordings are kept even after factory programming.