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Update and features of the echolink clasico 2022 model

 Update and features of the Echolink Clasico 2022 model 

Echolink Clasico Ver 2022.

Hello everyone, today we offer you an update and specifications in addition to the file of the channels of the Echolink clasico 2020 receiver provided by Ecolink.

 After the great success achieved by the EchoLink devices in the market, especially the Echolink Clasico and Clasico 3. echolink has introduced a new version of the Clasico series under the name of the 2022 edition of Echolink Classico. It is somewhat ghostly from the regular version of the Ecolink Classico.

Echolink 2022 specifications and features, latest update, and channel file

15 Mois Pheonix to watch Astra satellite channels. 

12 Mois dimalive to watch live broadcasts over the Internet. 

12 Mois DIMAVOD To watch the latest international series online. 

12 Mois Dimaseries to enjoy the latest international series via the Internet. 

How to operate the Internet on the device: 

After the device is connected to the Internet We enter any application and then we enter the number (0) eight times. 

Features of Echolink Classico 2022

Tow 2 Télécommandes.

Device Support MITV FULL. 

Supports YouTube.

 Supports YouTube Kids.

Supports DailyMotion.

 Support Xtream terrestrial broadcasting system.

Contains Application Kooora.

 It can be connected to the internet via Wifi/3G-4G.

Download Echolinik clasico 2023 Ver software 


Download the Echolink clasico 2023 channel list