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How to convert a USB key or flash drive to an Android TV box

Hello to all our followers and visitors to the Zag Info Tech website, as always, and today, God willing, exclusively on our website. How to convert a USB key or flash drive to an Android TV box with the latest version of Android and run it on any computer.

Good news for gamers with limited devices, now you can play the new Free Fire game 2021 directly on any computer without an emulator.

 How to install Android TV Box on USB and run it on any computer while keeping all your data, such as photos, videos, applications, and games, and accessing them on any computer. You can access them at any moment and on any computer, whether a desktop computer or a laptop. All of this only with a USB With a size of less than 16 GB

It seems illogical to you. But really, the matter is simpler than you think. Yes, the Android TV box is in your pocket, with all your accounts and applications as if they were a copy of your mobile phone.

important note : 

The following names are the same:

 USB=  USB=flash drive=USB=USB key just to shorten the topic.

Before starting to explain how to install the latest Android system on a USB key with the necessary files that can be downloaded at the bottom of the topic, let us learn about the advantages of converting a USB to Android box and running it on any computer.

The method of installing Android is very easy, and the Android file and the copy burning program are free

You forgot your phone in the office. You can complete your digital life and connect with all applications just by connecting the USB key to any computer.

Android system, the latest version, with all the features and applications available on all platforms.

You can download games and applications from the Google Play Store

You can watch the latest movies available on netflex

All photos, videos, and applications are stored on a flash drive  

You can run YouTube, Facebook, and all applications available on mobile, and many wonderful features

How to install Android on USB

We download the Android version for the computer from the link below

After that, we download the refus program to burn the Android version to the USB flash drive. Download it from the link below.

Then we need a 16 GB USB flash drive 

How to burn the Android system to a USB flash drive:

We open the Refus program  and then follow the steps as in the following images:

1_ We choose the flash drive on which we want to burn the Android system 

2_ We choose the Android version to burn to the flash drive in ISO file format

Then we click on Start demarrer and wait until the system is successfully burned to the flash.

We restart the computer and remove the flash drive by pressing boot menu F12 or F9, depending on your device. We choose to boot from USB as in the following image.

We wait until the Advanced options window appears, then choose the Auto Install Android Tv option

Now we add a second USB flash drive to install the Android system on it and press Enter

We pressed Enter. We receive a message that all files on the flash will be erased. We choose yes.

 We wait until Android is installed on the flash drive

After the Android installation process is completed, we remove the first USB flash drive on which we burned the Android system in the first stage using the refus program and remove from the second flash drive on which we installed the Android system. Congratulations, Android TV Box is on your computer and in your love. 

To download the refus program to burn the Android version to a USB flash drive

Download the Android version for PC ISO with a direct link