Google update : Google 2024 updates

Google's March 2024 updates, good news for some and disappointment for others

Google update : Google's March 2024 updates

Google's March 2024 optimization aims to filter good and bad site content and set standards to answer a very important question, "Was the content created to get more clicks?" by relying on keyword condensation, buying external links, and other methods without paying attention to content development, complete description, information, and good wording. ? In this case, Google, according to the new update and development of algorithms to accurately answer these questions, will inevitably penalize your site significantly.

Google March 2024 updates

Google said that there are changes in the March 2024 updates regarding external links. Previously, external links were considered the most important factors in rating the quality of the page and site, but now they are not one of the evaluation factors.

Google mainly warned against deliberately abusing Google's algorithms and standards by using a number of methods that it considers to be a flagrant violation of quality policies. These methods are:

1. Expired domain abuse.

2. Misuse of modified content.

3. Abuse of the site’s reputation.

Google said in its published statement about the March 2024 updates that in the same strategy used to determine the accuracy of the published information. In the latest update, Google established a number of systems to classify the quality of the content through the development of its algorithms, and the quality of the content means the following:

  • Description complete
  • Complete and accurate information.
  • Figures and statistics from their sources.
  •  Content development through the use of financial content graphics.
  • Freshness of information.

Google points out the possibility of fluctuations in the rankings of some sites as the systems will be fully updated, which is scheduled to take a full month.

In a good signal from Google to content creators, notifications will be sent to Google Search Console accounts in the event that manual action is taken against the site, with the site owner being given the opportunity to submit a request to reconsider Google’s punishment.

Google renewed its warnings, but this time it was accompanied by a note about a change in the updates to become more efficient in fully reaching the abuses, which are the three abuses that we referred to above, and in essence indicate the intentional use of methods such as buying links, exchanging links, or link farms, where some people were buying domains. Old sites with a reputation in specialties such as medicine, adding different content, and methods of abuse include the following:

Link farming and abuse of expired domains.

Manipulating search rankings by condensing keywords into multiple low-quality topics while repeating the same words without providing high value.

Regarding generative artificial intelligence and its use in creating content, Google continued its approach in dealing with content in which artificial intelligence bots such as Google, Bing, or GPT bots are used. If the goal is to manipulate the rankings, the site will be negatively affected.

Abuse of site reputation and domain authority.

By this, you mean publishing or hosting content from external sites on your site pages without properly describing it as hosted content and presenting it as content provided by you, which is considered a repetition of the same content published on other sites.

Google determines how to properly display this content as content hosted on another site, and the visitor must explicitly understand this.

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