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The Echolink Femto One receiver is a new version that has been put on the market currently by the Moroccan company Echolink Maroc after the continuous success of its versions that Echolink devices have known in general, and this version came after the younger brother, the Echolink Femto,   whose features and specifications we learned about in a previous topic.

During these lines, dear visitor, we will take a brief look at the most important specifications and technical features of the Echolink Femto One receiver, which comes with a full year’s subscription from Funcam Al-Fatih for most packages.

Features of Echolink Femto ONe receiver.

Subscriptions included in Femto One 

  • EcoLink Femto One comes with a free one-year subscription from the Funcam Al-Fatih server for most channels on many satellites. 

Technical and functional features of Echolink Femto One:

Ecolink Femto one receiver 

  It has several features similar to most Ecolink devices, as the company places customer satisfaction as one of its first priorities. Therefore, it offers devices with great specifications and features. Here are some of the technical features of the Ecolink Femto One

  • One Echolink flash can be updated from within the device via the Internet update. Miss a day via the net. 
  • It has the ability to download the Echolink Femto one channel file from within the device in the same way as updating flash downloads. 
  • The receiver has the Multistraem feature to watch French and Italian TNT terrestrial channels. 
  • It has Full HD 1080p image quality. 
  •   The Femto one contains an AV (audio/video) cable input for people whose TV does not have an HDMI cable input. 
  • The device has two USB 2 ports.
  • It contains several
  • If you forget the receiver's password, the master code for the  Echolink  device is 9876, which is the password for all Echolink devices. 

 Download the latest update and file for Echolink Femto one channels

Download Echolink femto One update

Download Echolink femto One channels