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 Technostar Durby dump bin

Technostar Durby dump bin

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As usual, exclusively and before everyone else, we present to you a tested dump file for the Technostar Durby dump bin receiver, integrated with the latest update. One of the giants of the Moroccan company Echolink Maroc.

Technostar Durby update file to solve the problem of the boot  

Exclusive Technostar Durby dump file is not available online. To fix the Technostar Durby device stuck on boot after updating the device with a flash or an inappropriate update for it. This dump is integrated with the latest update. It also works to fix the complete stop of Technostar Durby after updating it with a different type of update file, such as: Zen Lite update. Or by updating Equinox Zen, the receiver will die completely. No data on the screen. When installing an external display, we only notice a red light. Or the word boot. 

There are 3 ways to transfer a dump or full flash file, starting with the easy one that is available to everyone:

 Download the dump file from below. And change its name to GxRom or . Then we put the GxRom.bin file inside the USB flash drive. Fat32 chopper. Press the power button on the receiver and connect the power. Update will appear on the small screen, or release the power button and wait until the update process is complete.

SN101HB 20190830 dump bin file

SN101HB 20190830 dump bin file

SN101HB 20190830 dump file

The second method: Using a loader. This process requires a computer + a USB cable for Ecolink devices, available at stores that sell electronic devices and their supplies, and it can be easily manufactured.

The last method is for technicians. Programming a chip, memory card, or flash drive (names vary from one technician to another) using a programatour flash programmer. This is done by opening the receiver, removing the flash drive, and refilling it with the tested dump file. 

Download Technostar Durby dump bin  file  

Dump file size: 8 MB