What is the INP scale for blogs and websites?

What is the INP scale for blogs and websites?

INP scale for blogs and websites?

What is the reason for receiving a message from Google console Issues with the INP metric have been detected under Core Web Performance Indicators on your websites.

 Google is in the process of using a new responsiveness metric for websites called User Interaction Page Responsiveness (INP), which will replace First Response Time (FID) in Core Web Performance Indicators in March 2024.

 Search Console has detected issues with the INP metric on the following websites. Please click on a website in the following list to open the INP report or that website (maximum of 10 websites shown)

 What is the INP SCALE

The INP metric is a metric that measures a page's response to user interactions. The Core Web Vitals metric is based on Chrome usage data. Here are some key points about the INP scale:

The INP metric uses data from the Event Timing API to measure page response.

The INP tracks how long the page responds to user interactions, and provides a single value that shows how quickly the page responds to most interactions.

The INP aims to ensure that the page responds quickly to user interactions.

INP is based on the concept of providing quick visual feedback to the user as quickly as possible (when the first opportunity to capture the screen is achieved), in order to avoid giving users the impression that the page is not responding to their interactions.

The INP value is calculated by keeping track of all interactions on the page, and ignoring the one interaction that takes longer than the others.

The INP provides a strong indicator of the quality of the overall user experience on a page, with page responsiveness being particularly important in attracting and retaining users.

INP is a measure independent of the First Input Delay (FID) metric, where INP aims to provide an overall assessment of page response while FID aims to measure the response of the first interaction that occurs on the page.

In some cases, the INP value may not be provided to the page, and this occurs when users do not interact with the page by clicking, touching, or pressing a keyboard key.

In short, the INP metric is an important tool for evaluating a page's response to user interactions, and it helps improve user experience and drive more visitors to the page.



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