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Volkswagen ID4 2022 price specifications and features

Volkswagen ID4 2022

Volkswagen ID4 2022: Learn about the most important specifications and features of the car

The Volkswagen ID4 2022, a four-wheel drive, fully electric vehicle that was introduced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen, is the best-selling vehicle in the company's history.

Volkswagen ID4 2022 is a newly released fully electric SUV from the German automaker. Due to its high level of driving stability, spacious interior, distinctive exterior, and cutting-edge technology, this luxury vehicle has seen a very noticeable spread in some nations like Jordan and the Emirates. enables the motorist to drive comfortably, safely, and with enjoyment. Discover with us the essential details and attributes of the incredible Volkswagen ID4.

About the Volkswagen ID4

The ideal electric vehicle has arrived. When discussing the elegant and distinctive Volkswagen ID4, this is the very minimum that can be said. It appears that Volkswagen's research into the matter has paid off, as the corporation has now unveiled the most stunning and opulent vehicle available. An electric car, which caused it to become highly popular in several Arab countries very soon even before it was supplied by authorized individuals.

The Volkswagen ID4 outperforms rival vehicles in many areas, including sporty and streamlined styling, ample rear space, and even the innovative and entertaining technology it offers to give the driver the impression that he is actually in his kingdom and that this vehicle is not a car. This car performed better than even comparable gasoline vehicles in the same price range, which was unusual and ordinary.

Volkswagen ID4 specifications

Volkswagen ID4 2022

Starting with the name, which stands for (Intelligent Design), which means smart design, it is clear that Volkswagen is trying to pay attention to even the smallest details of this sporty electric car. Volkswagen has also taken great care to make the interior design comfortable for passengers to give us the best practical and economical electric car. And appropriate for daily use, as this family automobile par excellence offers features that will pave the path for its success and widespread use on a global scale. So tell us what are the ID4's key features:

The exterior design of the Volkswagen ID4

The external appearance of the 2022 Volkswagen Fox Electric exceeded expectations. If you look at it, it will not seem like a strange electric car. Rather, this car was designed to look like an ordinary SUV. The flowing lines along the body give luxury and elegance to the appearance, and since the car is electric, we will not find a clear front bumper or the same size as regular petrol cars, but Volkswagen maintains some lower ventilation openings for air conditioning and cooling.

What distinguishes the exterior design of the car is the large rear wing, as the wing covers almost half of the rear window, and one of the latest technologies added to the car is the IQ Light smart front lights, which are intuitive and control their lighting according to the road lighting, in addition to the very distinctive rear lights. As for the door handles, they are fully electric and there is no dynamic movement while opening or closing the door, whether from the inside or outside.

In terms of the wheels, we observe that the front wheels' design differs slightly from the rear wheels' design to make it easier to regulate the brakes. The 19-inch wheels have locking and are included. The black side window trimmings and the presence of rain-sensing wipers on the front window are two features that add appeal to the car's design.

Volkswagen ID4 2022 model, interior

Volkswagen ID4 2022

Volkswagen supplies all the driver's demands, including auxiliary, amusing, and comfortable equipment at the same time, making the interior design of the 2022 ID4 more than outstanding. From the inside, these are the Volkswagen ID4's specifications:

There are extra large rooms and storage everywhere.

There are roughly 500 liters of trunk space in the back.

The touch buttons on the steering wheel are used to operate the screen.

On the side of the steering, wheel column is where you'll find the start button.

The area in front of the front seats has some wonderful hidden lights.

On the interior of the windshield, there is interactive lighting.

The rear seats' lighting may be adjusted with a touch screen.

High-quality materials are used throughout.

In addition to the front air conditioning, which performs well, there is also back air conditioning.

Touch controls are available for the panoramic sunroof and all interior lighting.

The steering wheel has many uses.

The engine and battery of the VW ID4

Volkswagen ID4 2022

The 82 kWh lithium-ion battery powering the electric motor in the Volkswagen ID4 gives the vehicle a 280-mile range. Since the car is electric, there is no engine sound, but an electric sound has been added to the car for the sake of safety and pedestrian safety. The engine has 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque, all of which offer the outstanding acceleration that distinguishes the ID4.

Safety and security factors in the Volkswagen ID4

It's incredible how German Volkswagen worried so much about enhancing driver safety elements. The most important elements are the following:

a total of 6 airbags. 

Cruise control that adapts.

 Utilizing the front camera, the traffic sign recognition feature keeps an eye on traffic signals. a rear-view camera.

 Automatic help while driving on the highway. collision warning.

 detection of pedestrians.

 Warning for lane deviation.

Features of the Volkswagen ID4

Volkswagen ID4 2022
Volkswagen ID4 2022 price specifications and features 

What if this car had characteristics that allowed you to live out your dreams? With its distinctive features that helped it become popular worldwide and in the Arab markets, particularly in the UAE, Jordan, and Egypt, the Volkswagen ID4 provides you with this. Some of its main traits are as follows:

extremely sophisticated technical features.

 affordable cost given the caliber of the vehicle.

 a roomy interior.

 electric acceleration that is smooth.

 superior exterior and interior construction.

 fantastic security and safety features.

Disadvantages of Volkswagen ID4

The Volkswagen ID4 has some drawbacks despite all of its positives since, as we all know, there is no such thing as a flawless car. These drawbacks include:

The quality of the front camera is poor and not suitable for the quality and specifications of the car.

Don't support Android Auto.

The brakes did show a bit of a problem for some users.

The steering wheel is made of plastic, not leather.

The car is a bit heavy, however, this adds to its stability.

The price of the ID4 2022 model

Volkswagen ID4 2022

The 2022 Volkswagen ID4 is widely available in several Arab nations, thus we will learn about its pricing in multiple nations:

The id4 starts at 26,500 Jordanian dinars in Jordan, according to the price list.

The cost of the ID4 in Egypt: The ID4 automobile costs between 725,000 and 820,000 Egyptian pounds.

The ID4 starts at 137.29 AED in the UAE, according to the price list for the 2022 model.

Available colors of the Volkswagen ID4 2022

Colors that are available for vw ID4 include:

metallic red, blue, and gray.

Metallic black, ice white, and silver all have a sheen.