Toyota Supra 2022 price, specifications and features

Toyota Supra 2022

 Toyota supra Find out the price, specifications and features of the car

The 2022 Toyota Supra has finally made a comeback, and many people were impressed by its alluring athletic style. Learn everything there is to know about the Toyota Supra's characteristics and specifications.

2022 Toyota Supra; After a significant break from the production of this type of car by Toyota, the Japanese automaker, the Supra made a strong comeback to the market with features that made it a luxury sports car, as this car was very popular in the past. The Supra vanished for a while after being drastically redesigned, becoming It is distinguished by a certain level of luxury and elegance, in addition to new technologies and features that made it in competition with other cars. Join us as we get to know the Toyota Supra.

About the Toyota Supra 2022

The Toyota Supra made its debut in the 1970s and quickly became very well-liked among drivers, particularly among sports enthusiasts. In summary, the car offered every incentive to purchase it because its price matched its capabilities and appealed to all social classes. However, manufacture of the car temporarily ceased in 2002.

2022 Supra dimensions

Size: 4381 mm.

 1854 mm in width. 

 1297 mm in height.

The 2468 mm wheelbase measures.

The automobile weighs between 1442 and 1542 kilos.

The automobile has a 10.2 cubic foot trunk space.

Specifications of Toyota Supra 2022

After a long absence, the 2022 Toyota Supra was released with a plethora of new features and specs, making it the vehicle of choice for many drivers and athletes. We shall highlight its key features, which are as follows:

Toyota Supra 2022

2022 Supra exterior design

The Toyoya Supra consistently dazzles us with its alluring exterior sporty appearance, and its innovative roof design, which combines aesthetic beauty with aerodynamic practicality by taking the form of two bubbles to accommodate racing drivers and give them room to wear helmets inside the vehicle.

The car is distinguished by its exterior features, which include sharp features, a front grille divided into three sections, prominent and wide sidelines, which give the car a fierce and offensive appearance, extensive use of carbon fibers, and wheels with a metal size of 19 inches to match the sporty shape of the car.

Interior design of the 2022 Toyota Supra

There is enough room for taller passengers to ensure comfort, and the car came equipped with the ability to adjust the driving position in a comfortable way. The seats inside the car are made of leather, and they are manually adjustable as well as being adjustable electronically. The car boasts a contemporary information screen in addition to the dashboard entertainment system for heating and automatic adjustment.

Toyota Supra 2022

The car has a display screen on the windscreen, blind spot sensors, cup holders, and steering wheels that can be electrically adjusted to the driver's preferred position. There are also lights inside the car for reading maps.

Toyota Supra 2022 engine

Learn more about the engine specifications for the 2022 Supra here:

A 2-liter engine with 255 horsepower is standard on the vehicle.

The 2022 Supra engine has a 399 Nm of torque.

An automatic transmission with six speeds is linked to the vehicle.

This car has a rear-wheel drive drivetrain.

The engine is riddled with holes, which makes it simple to greatly boost the car's speed during competition.

The Toyota Supra can reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds of acceleration.

Toyota Supra 2022

Toyota Supra Classes

The primary distinction between the three categories of the 2022 Toyota Supra may be found inside the engine. The most prevalent categories are as follows:

Four-cylinder turbocharged engine: Supra 2.0.

Six-cylinder turbocharged engines are available in grades 3.0, 3.0 Premium, and A91-CF Edition.

Comfort, safety and security features in the 2022 Toyota Supra

The car had a wide range of features, such as:

The automobile has a comfy cabin.

The car is inexpensive and has a lot of features.

The automobile is excellent for fast racing because of its small weight.

In addition to offering balance, the car is simple to drive and operate.

The car includes a ton of technological and recreational characteristics.

One of the strong accelerations is the one of the car.

There are automatic emergency brakes in the car.

The automobile has extremely bright lights.

The vehicle has lane departure warning technology.

There is adaptive cruise control on the Toyota Supra.

toyota supra problems and disadvantage

Toyota Supra

Despite the many features of the 2022 Toyota Supra, it is not without some problems and defects, like other cars, as follows:

The automobile is hazardous on highways and difficult roads because of its small weight.

Long-distance comfort in car seats is lacking.

windows that close with loud noises.

The cabin has a limited amount of storage space.

Android Auto is not available.

the existence of significant blind areas.

Toyota Supra prices

One of this car's greatest benefits, which allowed it to compete with the most potent sports cars, is the pricing. These are the costs on the market for it:

Toyota Supra 2.0 starts at $43,190.

The price of the Supra A91-CF Edition is about $63,280

Supra (3.0, 3.0 Premium) costs $51,540

Frequently asked questions about the 2022 Toyota Supra

Is the 2022 Supra a hybrid?

No, but a hybrid model is expected to be available in 2023.

What is the warranty period for Toyota Supra 2022?

The car has a three-year warranty period.

What colors will the Toyota Supra 2022 be offered in?

 Toyota supra Available in the following colors:

Black Color.

Silver colour.

the yellow color.

the colour blue.

White color.


So, in addition to its characteristics and features, we have provided you with a thorough explanation of the beautiful Toyota Supra 2022, which was renowned for its appealing athletic style on the one hand and its powerful performance on the other. It blended a balance of strength and elegance.



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