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T.EME380.61 Dump bin 

SONIC LED19185TNT T.EME380.61 Dump bin file  Firmware

The flash of the sonic led tv is programmed in the event of any defect in the dump file, and this defect contributes greatly to the stopping of the TV operating program, which results in error messages on the screen or stopping it completely. 

The T.EME380.61 file damp fixes several problems, including:

Fixing the TV stopping on the red light (standby) and not responding to the front buttons or the remote control. Solve the problem of flashing the data lamp intermittently without stopping and the SONIC LED19185TNT screen does not turn on

To solve all these errors, we have to reprogram the flash chip with a working and tested dump file ,Therefore, our site offers the best proven dump and Software files for all electronic devices with a free download and without registration or any complications.

TV model  : SONIC LED19185TNT

Main board : T.EME380.61

T.EME380.61 Dump bin 

Download T.EME380.61 firmware dump for free