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Toyota BZ4X 2023 Prices and Specifications

2023 Toyota BZ4X

 prices and specifications - Toyota BZ4X 2023 Electric car 

The 2023 Toyota BZ4X five-seater is an innovatively designed Toyota electric vehicle. It is the first all-electric car with a driving range of about 402 km on a single charge and is equipped with front-wheel drive models.

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X, an all-electric vehicle from Toyota, was created in collaboration with one of the world's leading manufacturers, Subaru Corporation, as part of a project that also saw the creation of other vehicles, such as the cutting-edge Subaru Solterra EV. The car is one of the latest Toyota electric cars. By 2025, the company plans to offer approximately 70 different Toyota electric models.

 2023 Toyota bZ4X specifications

  toyota 2023 bz4x electric features

Regarding the features of the new Toyota BZ4X, they consist of the following:

Having a front-wheel drive car with four-wheel drive is a practical option.

The car seats five passengers and has a driving range of 402 km per charge.

The car has solar panels that can produce enough power for a driving range of about 1,000 miles per year.

A digital key that allows the driver to control the car remotely via the phone.

Almost ten years have been added to the vehicle's life thanks to the liquid cooling system in the battery.

The length of the car is 468.8 cm, the width is 185.9 cm, and the height is 164.8 cm. The weight of the car is 1920 kg.

With slim LED headlights and taillights that extend the width of the rear, the car has a prominent front end.

To increase interior lightness, the car has a panoramic top and diamond-shaped wheels with chrome accents

The plastic body feature extends the length of the vehicle to the lower doors to form a prominent area of the lower wheel arch.

Toyota Bz4x 2023 Engine Specifications

The car has two models, the first with front-wheel drive and the second with two-wheel drive.

2023 Toyota BZ4X

The car's electric motor produces 201 hp and the acceleration of this engine is 7.0 seconds, for the version that has only one front-wheel drive.

Thus, the engine power is better than what is offered by the Kia Niro, and the acceleration of the car is better than what is offered by Volkswagen, which accelerates in 7.6 seconds, and this engine contains a 65.6-kilowatt battery.

As for the all-wheel drive version, it has a power of 214 horsepower and a battery capacity of 65.6 kilowatts, which is significantly less than many competitors such as the Volkswagen ID4, which has an engine of 295 horsepower, and the Kia EV6 with 320 horsepower. horsepower engine.

And this version has X mode, which makes the car capable of going on bumpy roads.

The maximum speed for both engines is 177 km per hour.

Charging the battery in a Toyota bz4x

With the car, you get a modest 6.6W charger that can fully charge the car battery in 9 hours.

If you get a fast charger, the process of charging from 0% to 80% takes about an hour.

 toyota 2023 bz4x interior design features

Toyota bz4x interior

2023 Toyota BZ4X
Toyota BZ4X 2023 Prices and Specifications

There is a 12.3-inch touchscreen inside the car.

There is more room to get around in the front and rear seats.

It has an air conditioner in the form of a heat pump and a central control panel with several buttons.

It has an information system that gives the driver a lot of traffic-related data.

It has a new, high-tech key that enables the driver to start the car using their phone.

Toyota BZ4X 2023 price

Toyota bZ4X price list in the world market, including shipping costs:

Pricing for the front-wheel-drive bZ4X XLE starts at $43,215.

Pricing for the bZ4X XLE all-wheel-drive system starts at $45,295.

Pricing for the front-wheel-drive 2023 Toyota bZ4X Limited starts at $47,995.

Pricing for the all-wheel-drive bZ4X Limited starts at $49,995.