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Introducing the Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric GLA for 2021.

The 2021 Mercedes EQA Electric GLA is now available

2021 Mercedes EQA Electric GLA

Making the conversion to electric vehicles doesn't have to be tough. Mercedes-Benz appeals to GLA drivers with its all-electric EQA, which is competitive in several crucial categories, including price

After some time had passed, Mercedes disclosed that it will be releasing an electric vehicle under the model name EQA, and the vehicle would make its debut within a year. A while back, a picture of a Mercedes all-electric crossover at the charging station was taken. It kept its promise and only recently made its premiere with the brand-new 2021 Mercedes EQA

The Mercedes GLA EQA, an electric variant of the GLA with several enhancements, is the first electric compact crossover on the market. It fiercely rivals the Volkswagen ID3 and Kia e Niro

The brand-new electric Mercedes EQA 250

The new Mercedes GLA electric car has a design that embodies the new era, the era of electric automobiles to protect the environment, as it is the first compact crossover from Mercedes without emissions. It also features an eye-catching, luxurious, futuristic electric design

Mercedes-Benz engineers claim that the new Mercedes EQA is constructed on the same basis as its gasoline-powered brother, the Mercedes GLA-Class

A guard for the front of the car to prevent damage and shock absorbers on the bottom were added to strengthen the chassis, according to the manufacturer, who built the electric GLA EQA on top of it. In the event of a collision, automobile batteries

Mercedes undoubtedly succeeded in imitating the new design style of electric vehicles with the GLA EQA's exterior look

Due to the lack of a requirement for air to enter the car, as evidenced by what we saw at the front of the vehicle, we can also see that the front grille has become closed. It has a closed ventilation system because it is an electric vehicle as opposed to the gasoline-powered GLA, which has an open ventilation grille

The vehicle's newly developed ultra-slim LED headlights, which are enhanced in characteristic blue coloring within the headlights, may also be seen to emit an electric vibe when Adaptive Highbeam Assist is engaged

With the addition of the EASY-Electronic Tailgate PACK, Mercedes has lowered the license plate to the lower bumper and improved the car. Very thin headlamps with a longitudinal LED strip give the car's rear an electric appearance. The automobile has either 18 or 20-inch wheels

inside decorating

The interior layout matches the outside layout exactly, which, as we've already mentioned, gives the automobile an electrifying personality. The luxurious leather seats in the inner cabin may be automatically changed and pop up to expose the blue cloth color

2021 Mercedes EQA Electric GLA

A multi-function steering wheel coated in Nappa leather, a high and upright sitting position typical of an SUV, and a 7- or 10.2-inch infotainment system with the most latest MBUX information system from Mercedes are all featured. With the option to use Apple Car Play and Android Auto to link the phone to the vehicle, the air conditioning outlets have a gold and pink trim with some lights

It should be noted that the vehicle's optional "Night Package" includes 18-inch light alloy wheels with high-gloss black paint, black roof paint, black exterior mirror covers, and door handles with gloss black accents

Mercedes EQA specifications for 2021

Li-ion battery with a 66.5 kWh capacity

188 horsepower

the force of 277 Nm

Driven by four wheels

The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in about 8.9 seconds

Maximum speed is 250 km/h; battery range is 400 km per charge

The car has a ton of safety features, including Automatic Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, Speed Limiter, and many more advanced systems, as is normal

Mercedes-Benz EQA Electric GLA 2021 Price

The Mercedes EQA is offered in a limited-release version in its 250 editions. It is billed at €44,900 excluding bonuses and is complemented by three finishes, with prices ranging from €47,600 to €49,900