acer travelmate p215-52 bios bin file

 Acer Travelmate P215-52 / P214-52 bios Dump bin file

Welcome again, we offer you a working and tested BIOS file for the Acer p215-52  i3 génération TH10 computer, fix the problem of the computer not booting, and fix the black screen problem on the Acer TravelMate computer

The BIOS Dump file fixes most of the computer problems related to the software due to a bug in the. The miserable run file including

Fix the black problem on the computer

Delete the Acer laptop BIOS password in case you forget it

Fix the problem of the Acer laptop not booting due to a bug in the BIOS file

The computer is completely dead, no light on, and no response to the power button

The computer stopped on the Acer logo and did not enter the BIOS settings

Windows does not boot on the computer Acer and the appearance of the blue screen

All these problems are in an Acer p215-52 computer they can be fixed by reprogramming the BIOS chip with a tested Damp file

So our site offers you tested BIOS files, and you can download them for free, unlike other sites where you have to pay some money. Or register in a complex way to be able to download them

Acer Travelmate p215-52 bios bin dump

model: Acer Travelmate p215-52

Motherboard id: DA0Z8IMBAC0 REV C

    Acer TravelMate p215-52 bios bin file free Download

file dump bin file: 16MB



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