Tesla Cars That Run On Electric

Tesla Electric Cars Are Cars That Run On Electric

They Are Provided By Rechargeable Batteries By The Mains Stored Inside Them; This Makes Them Environmentally Friendly, Unlike Traditional Cars That Run On Fossil Fuels That Pollute Nature. Many People Who Are Interested in The Transportation Sector Gather That Electric Cars Are The Future of Transportation in The Coming Years. And Their Manufacturing Technology is Constantly Evolving

Inventor Of Tesla Electric Cars 

The idea of manufacturing electric cars appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century, and in 1947 a company began manufacturing the first transistor-powered electric car under the henny kilowatts

Due to its high price and battery weight. People did not agree to buy it. Its production ceased in 1961

And now, with the development of technology, an electric car has been manufactured by the American company Tesla, a California public company founded by billionaire Elon Musk interested in the manufacture of electric cars and train parts.

 Tesla also sells lithium-ion batteries to many international companies

What caught the company's attention is its production of the first electric car called Tesla Model S and a sedan The company's founder, Elon Musk, aspires to conquer the market by producing quantitatively competitive electric cars that run on fossil fuels to reduce costs and become affordable for middle-income people

Basic Components Of  Tesla Electric Cars 

An electric car consists of three Basic Units: an AC Electric Motor or a DC electric Motor

However, the latter gets hot while driving for a long time. Which makes modern car

manufacturers rely on AC motor

The engine converts Electrical Energy into a Mechanical Movement that moves the car

The Rechargeable Battery is similar to the battery in cars with fuel, but with a Larger Number, And Lithium-ion batteries are currently Being relied Heavily on due to their light weight and strength in Performance

The Control unit is a High-voltage Electronic Board To Tontrol the Motor so that the control panel takes power from the battery with a DC of 300 volts and converts it to 220 volts of alternating current

Tesla has produced different shapes, sizes and models of electric cars and trucks, and they are purchased through its website



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