Learn About The Types of Electric car Engines

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 Types of Electric Car Engines

In electric cars, the traditional fuel engine (gasoline-gasoline) has been replaced by an electric motor that draws power from rechargeable batteries. Whereas, a conventional fuel engine performs a plumbing process about the fuel, while an electric motor is similar to a wiring process connected to an electric motor

And when you drive your electric car, you will realize that it is almost silent. That is why electric cars are considered one of the best types of innovative cars, because of their multiple advantages and specifications, as they contain an electric motor, unlike traditional cars with a combustion engine. Here we will learn about the types of electric motors

Permanent Magnet Motor


The permanent magnet motor is the most famous. It is found in many cars such as the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen eGolf, or BMW i3. In this system, the rotor also contains a magnet, which is induced and moved by the magnetic field generated by the stator. According to the principle of repulsion, the north or south poles repel, while the north and south poles attract each other, creating rotational motion under the influence of magnetic force.

The magnetic motor has two main advantages: simple operation and good efficiency, the ratio of the actual energy used to the energy provided by the battery

But it also has a major downside. Its design requires special and rare raw materials, such as rare earth, most of which are produced in China, and this poses a real problem of dependency: the day China decides to raise prices or stop exporting this product internationally, there will be no leftovers. . . solution for manufacturers. In addition, methods of extracting rare earth are increasingly criticized from an environmental point of view

However, other solutions are now being implemented by manufacturers to reduce their needs for this rare substance, for example, the Chevrolet Volt is now equipped with ferrite magnets to replace the existing ones

Electromagnetic Motor

The permanent magnet motor is so named because the "rotor" part consists of a coil of thin copper wire that conducts electricity, which turns into a magnet when an electric current passes inside it, just like the stator "Stor" These coils are fed by direct current and depends on The main component is based on the magnetic field, as the electromagnet helps generate a potential difference between the terminals, which in turn helps in the rotation of the electric motor

This engine is found in many electric cars such as Renault Zoe Model and Smart Electrical engine. Depending on the type of electricity used, there are two main types of motors. AC Motors and DC Motors

Induction Motor And Asynchronous Motor

The electric motor is a rare induction motor used in Tesla Model S and Model X cars. Its operating system differs from the rest of the motors, in that the moving part does not consist of magnets, but rather consists of several copper rods that conduct electric current and are arranged in a circle around the "rotor" part, These bars are connected to two bearing rings (one at each end). An electric current is generated by the strength of the magnetic field generated by the stator, which causes the rotor to rotate

The induction motor has the advantage that it does not require rare raw materials, so its cost is lower than that of permanent magnet motors, and it is more resistant. But its main drawback is its cost-effectiveness, which is somewhat lower compared to a permanent magnet motor



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