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Electric cars: how do they work? What are its internal components?

Electric Cars: How Do They Work? What Are Its Internal Components?

?Electric Cars  How Do They Work

With the rise In Fuel Car Problems, Fossil And warming it's Become Necessary For People To Use Better sorts of Energy To Drive Their Cars, Which Led To The Existence of electrical Cars, Which Are Known To Be Highly Efficient And Consume Less Energy In Making Energy Than Usual Fuels, Which Makes Them Environmentally Friendly, and also the Idea Of ​​Electric Cars Emerged because of warming The Severe Global Shortage Of Oil Reserves Worldwide

According to statistics, almost every body owns a car or rents a car in his life, and most of those vehicles are operated using the inner combustion system or diesel or gasoline combustion engines, and this suggests of transportation emits huge amounts of energy, which is then wont to operate the engine The car, and these are the cars that we've got been driving for nearly a century with their differing kinds, accessories, design, and technologies.

At present, the kinds and corporations of car manufacturers round the world differ, there are vehicles that are limited to certain places to support certain styles of fuel, but the new smooth electric cars appeared, which can appear with a hybrid engine et al. with one motor, but the cleanest of them that operate with electric motors only and that they are in Now in production.

?How do electric cars work

Electric cars differ from traditional cars within the source of their energy, which is within the variety of rechargeable batteries installed inside the car, and these batteries aren't only accustomed operate cars, but are accustomed power wipers and lights, but their external appearance is comparable to several other ordinary cars, but the absence of an system They differ from the within from one another, for instance, you'll not find a fuel or storage tank, they are doing not use it to maneuver the vehicle

Thus, you'll find battery boxes under the car and sometimes within the trunk of the car, which are the identical variety of batteries that are usually used when running a internal-combustion engine, and also the only difference comes within the undeniable fact that in electric cars, the car contains variety of those batteries that store energy to be used within the operation of most components the inside of the car, with a regulator to distribute the facility in proportion to the consumption of every part and to confirm that the battery doesn't burn

Moreover, the operability aspect of electrical cars is interesting. aside from the engine, the components are almost the identical as those found in other cars, for instance the climate system, the brake, transmission systems, air bags and also the biggest difference is that the motor

What are the components of electrical cars?

The three main components of electrical cars that make them different from ordinary cars are the electrical motor, the control unit and also the battery. The controller takes power from the battery and passes it to the electrical motor. Before passing current to the motor, the control unit converts the 300 volts of DC current to a maximum of 240 volts. from AC.

Electric cars

The electric motor then converts electricity into energy, and energy moves the car forward, and therefore the control devices act as an intermediary between the battery and also the engine, transferring energy from the battery and pumping it to the engine to figure. Provide proper power to the engine. The motor initially doesn't output any volts but when fully pressed it gives the most output.

Types of batteries in Electric cars

Lithium-ion batteries: Lithium-ion batteries provide additional performance and are dearer, they're lighter than other batteries and are the identical batteries wont to store data in Digital cameras and smart phones

Nickel-metal hydride battery : Called nickel-metal hydride batteries, they cost way more than lead-acid batteries but offer higher output and better performance.

Lead-acid batteries : the foremost popular and cheapest batteries are 97% recyclable

When an electrical vehicle is in motion, the forward momentum generated by an electrical motor is accustomed charge the batteries when braking, a phenomenon remarked as regenerative braking and might recover up to fifteen of the energy used for acceleration

?How are electric cars charged

Electric cars are charged in a very way just like charging electronic devices, where a charging cable is employed to produce the car with an electrical current of about 230 volts, through a public charging station or a home charging station, and current flows to the charger, which converts this into a coordinate that's easy to soak up from the battery. this flows to the batteries to be stored so it is retrieved again during the days the vehicle is running

At this time, the value of electrical cars is exaggeratedly high, and this is often because of the scarcity and advancement of the technologies wont to build them, but soon they're going to begin to say no, and after all there are cheap cars, but each cheap one has its problems and disadvantages