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Supported browsers For Windows XP In 2024

Supported browsers For Windows XP In 2024

How to play YouTube and Facebook on old computers that run on Windows XP.

The only browser that supports Windows XP in 2024. 

As is known, the Windows The latest update was released in 2011, known as Windows 

Until the year 2022, Google Chrome still supports Windows 7 and can access any website on Windows 7, unlike XP. So when you enter any website; You will receive a message that your connection is not secure. Your connection is not private. For reference, this message comes in any operating system. 

To solve the problem that your connection is not private on Google Chrome, you must make sure of:

The date and time on the computer are incorrect, which is the main cause of the problem. 

Make sure you are using a recent version of Google Chrome. This is on Windows 7 and above. 

As for XP, it is no longer supported by modern versions of Chrome. However, you can run all websites, as there are several browsers that support Windows XP until 2020, including:

  Opera 36: Shakhal browser on Windows XP

 Pale noon. Supports Windows XP and Win7 operating systems. 

K_meleon is a browser that runs on Windows XP. 

Looking for the perfect Windows XP web browser

My Pal is one of the best browsers in 2022. It works fully on Windows XP with 32 bit and 64 bit kernels.

Download  My Pal Browser for Windows XP 
Latest version - 29.3.0

BIT 32

BIT 64

Official website