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Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11& download iso file

The Windows 11 operating system is one of the latest operating systems, and Windows 11 appeared in sync with the Corona pandemic, as Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, announced the announcement of Windows 11 with reference to the Corona pandemic and people staying in their homes.

 Windows 11 combines a laptop or desktop computer with Phone. This is that you can run Android applications available on the mobile phone on a computer with Windows 11 installed, and this makes Windows 11 distinct from the rest of Windows versions, through the most popular Windows XP, up to the latest update for Windows 10. 

This is to facilitate work in the conditions of the Corona pandemic.

Windows 11 operating system features:

Smooth and elegant user interface. A new start menu and task button are centered on the screen
A new application store with most of the necessary and popular programs and applications.
An elegant and typical launcher as in Chrome OS or Android versions
Control the intensity of clarity, where you can turn on the dark or light mode. This option is present in previous versions
Download and install Android apps on your computer without an emulator. Via Amazon APPSTORE
Windows 11 supports XBOX account by integrating XBOX GAME PASS with Windows 11 system.
Disadvantages of Windows 11 from Microsoft:
One of the main disadvantages of Windows 11 is that it is not available for all devices
For this reason, Microsoft has programmed the computers check tools under the name Windows 11 check to check your computer and can you upgrade Windows 10 to the new Windows 11

Windows 11 check for compatibility

To help you if your laptop or desktop computer is eligible to upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft has developed a Microsoft PC Health Check tool through which you can check if your computer can be upgraded to Windows 11.
Just download the gadget or application and install it, then open the application and on the main page click on Verify now windows 11. With this, you can find out if it is possible to update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Requirements to install and run Windows 11

Availability of UEFI in BIOS Driver Interface
Quad core processor. 64-bit core, frequency of 1 GHz or more.
RAM capacity not less than 4 GB.
Hard disk storage capacity of 64 GB or more
 Graphics processor that supports directX 12.0 . software library
Availability on a Microsoft account.

Upgrade to Windows 11

How to update to Windows 11 without waiting for the update and operating requirements

You can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free, provided that your computer meets the above-mentioned operating requirements, by going to the Start menu, then Settings, then Security and Update, then Windows Update, and then clicking on Check for updates. If your computer is ready to upgrade, you will see the option to download and install the system
Follow the rest of the steps

Download Windows 11 from Microsoft

Download Windows 11 ISO direct link