SpaceX launches the Falcon 9 new generation of Starlink for the Internet

 SpaceX is looking to build a new generation of Starlink for the Internet after it launched 1000 satellites so far.

 The business, owned by the help of US billionaire Elon Musk, said that more than 10,000 people in the United States and the arena are currently connected to the network through channels for the personal computers that are part of "Starlink".

The diversity revealed by the organization appeared in a document recently

directed to Federal Communications Fee Services.

"Society performance is accelerating dramatically in real time," the company said, as part of a pilot program scheduled for October has been delayed.

According to the newspaper "New York put", the goals of the organization are to

deliver the network to distant regions international, and the carrier fee is currently

ninety-nine dollars consistent with the month, and similarly $ 499 of credit card to obtain important equipment.

Although the company warned its early customers of the opportunity of interruptions within the bus, it showed that the Internet speed of Starlink exceeded during its testing the rate of one hundred megabits per second.

Spacex's has an allowance of federal communications fees, allowing it to create a powerful 12,000-strong satellite television network for a computer network under

the percentage of 42,000 units in orbit.

Satellite television for customizing a computer network has received tremendous criticism from astronomers, who have expressed concern that the landscape is polluted at night, because satellites largely reflect light in live broadcasts.

The rise of Falcon rocket engines in the air, an upgraded version after the Dragon and Atlas engines.

rocket and then designed and built it for two-stage reuse missions in conjunction with NASA and a crew that flies on. On Sunday, a huge radio was sent into orbit

by Sirius XM.

The rocket lifted off in two stages from the Forty Space complex at Cape Canaveral, Floridaa, Kennedy Space Center at 12:30 PM EST 17:30 GMT, bringing the company to the 25th this year from Space Station.

After about 9 minutes, the first stage of the "booster" returned to Earth and landed on board an unmanned spacecraft in the Atlantic Ocean.

 Representatives said on Twitter that the launch took place during the two-hour window that was originally scheduled at 11:22 a.m. ET, pending good weather conditions for the landing.

The mission is scheduled to launch on Friday 11 December, less than 24 hours after United Airlines Delta 4, and the US government will be spied on from a nearby platform


The mission of the twenty-fifth flight of (Falcon 9) for this high-energy year, where the company continued to launch Falcon missiles 21 times to break the record.

As part of the project, the company has been approved to launch 12,000, and to date, there are more than 1,000 roamers in orbit.

The company also has around 10,000 users on its beta plan that started last year.

The SXM-7 is one of two satellites that will replace the old XM-3 and XM-4

The company is looking to build a new generation of high-speed Internet in space

So far, the company plans to launch 1,000 units and hopes to use it to create a new generation of Internet with fiber for commercial purposes.

According to the company's job announcement, to start production of the next generation of Starlink for the Internet, because the company has so far published more than 1000 first-generation fly into orbit.

An article opened on the company's jobs page upon its publication on Friday, and stated that the company is seeking to hire a chief software engineer to test the hardware, particularly in order to "define and lead the testing roadmap for the production of Starlink 1.5 v2.0."

Starlink is an ambitious project, aiming to build high-speed interconnected internet that is called a constellation in the aviation industry and aims to provide high-speed internet to consumers anywhere on the planet.

In November 2018, the Federal Communications Commission approved sending 11943 into space; the company aims to put 4425 into orbit by 2024.


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