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 AirPods Pro: Specifications and Features

Apple announced the new AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, and AirPods Pro come with a completely new design with new features that add to the family of AirPods, most notably support for noise cancellation, in addition to better sound and lighter weight, with support for a new mode for listening while on the move or in crowded environments .

The new wireless earphone from Apple AirPods Pro comes with a new design compared to both the first and second generation of AirPods, which is a compact and more comfortable design in use, with tips of flexible silicon in three different sizes, so that it suits the largest possible number of users, and Apple says it adopts An innovative ventilation system to equalize pressure, in order to reduce the discomfort common to users of other wireless earphones that support the noise cancellation feature, with support for sweating and water resistance, which makes it suitable for use during exercise, but it is not suitable for swimming, in addition to the possibility of pressing Both ends of the speaker for easy control of music and calls play, plus switching between noise canceling and Transparency mode.

noise canceling

The new AirPods Pro supports noise cancellation for the first time in AirPods, depending on a pair of microphones with advanced software to automatically adapt to the user's ear and the surrounding environment, which leads to the removal of background noise to focus on what he is listening to, whether it is a song or a phone call The first microphone is facing outward to detect external sounds and analyze the noise, which allows the headphone to block out external noise, while the second microphone comes inward to detect and block any remaining noise, and Apple says that the noise canceling system works 200 times per second to condition the sound

Transparency Mode

The new Apple AirPods Pro wireless earphone supports Transparency Mode, which gives the user an option to listen to music and surrounding sounds together, which makes the headset suitable for use while on the move, on public transport or in crowded places such as airports and metro stations And trains0

Wireless charging

Apple supplied its new AirPods Pro with the H1 chip that it introduced in the second generation of AirPods, which provides longer battery life with better sound and support for quick access to the Siri voice assistant, in addition to a faster response time that enhances the noise cancellation feature. Apple said that the AirPods Pro battery It provides the user with up to five hours of listening, and about four and a half hours of listening when the noise cancellation feature is activated, but the headphone cover that supports wireless charging provides the user with up to 24 hours of listening to music, with support for charging through the Lightning port as well. Wireless charging

Supported devices

Apple said that the new AirPods Pro wireless headset supports all iPhones operating with iOS 13.2 and later versions, in addition to iPads operating with iPadOS 13.2 and later versions, as well as Apple Watch watches operating with watchOS 6.1 or later, and also supports work with Mac devices with the system. macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later.

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